Ambassador 0.1.1

  • Introduced a versioning system for application package format (affects app developers only)
  • Enabled virtual networking for application
  • Prevents people on your home network from discovering what apps are running
  • Improves security against malicious people on your home network
  • Allows multiple applications to request the same port
  • Necessary for bundled UIs
  • Fixes bug where `wipe-data` prevented apps from starting
  • Changed app configuration specification language to improve UX around List Configurations (affects app developers only)
  • Enables ability to install multiple apps at once
  • Adds ability to add WiFi information to the S0, eliminating ongoing need of Ethernet
  • Improves reliability and security of authenticating to S0
  • Fixes bug where all Start9 S0 owners had the same base tor address
  • Will require `uptime` configuration changes if you have set that up
  • If you currently use Cups CLI, you will need to update it
  • Additionally you will need to update CUPS_HOST variable to use the ".onion" address, instead of the ".local" address