Start9 Welcomes Bitwarden to the Sovereign App Store!

Bitwarden is a free and open-source password manager similar to LastPass. The difference? Bitwarden can be self-hosted, meaning you get all the benefits of a secure, tried-and-true password manager but without trusting anyone except yourself! Running your own Bitwarden server used to be complicated, requiring significant technical know-how, time, and energy.

But no longer!

As of today, Start9 Labs has made running your own Bitwarden Server as easy as pushing a couple buttons!

We opted to use the Rust implementation of Bitwarden, since it is equally-well-maintained, lighter weight, and plays nicely with our own MeshOS right out of the box.

The setup instructions below should take an average, non-technical user just a couple of minutes and a few buttons to be totally up and running!



1. Install Bitwarden onto your Start9 Embassy.

2. Open your Tor Browser and visit the add-ons section. 



    3. Search for “Bitwarden” and click “Add to Firefox”




    4. Access the Bitwarden settings.




    5. Copy your Bitwarden Tor onion URL from your Companion App and paste it into the “Self Hosted Environment” → “Server URL” field. Add “http://” (NOT https://) to the frontend of the onion URL. Then click “Save".




    6. Click “Create Account” and fill in the required fields.

    This DOES NOT mean you are creating an account with Bitwarden or any other third party. You are creating an account with yourself on your own Embassy. It’s awesome!


    Keep in Mind

    With great power comes great responsibility. This is a self-hosted password management solution, which means it comes with certain responsibilities. For instance, if you uninstall Bitwarden from your Embassy, your passwords are gone forever. There is no means of recovering them. If your Embassy is offline or you’ve stopped the Bitwarden process, you will not be able to use your password manager until you’ve restarted Bitwarden and/or reconnected to the Internet.
    Also, since your Bitwarden instance is served up on its own Tor Hidden Service, this solution currently only works in the Tor Browser. This is a good thing, as it further solidifies the “privacy by default” model that is most needed right now.

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